Building a platform where brands could create and manage meaningful social media campaigns with perfect-fit influencers.

While Speakr had built an impressive network of over 35K influencers and a list of recognizable  clients, their tool's user experience was non-existent. My team and I worked from the inside out, rethinking how brands and influencers work together to create a successful platform that fit their needs in a seamless experience. The engagement involved developing a campaign management platform, an influencer dashboard, and eventually a total brand overhaul.

Things I worked on: user flows, project management, wireframes, prototypes, UI, branding, marketing design, presentation design

The Platform

One of the first problems we tackled was Speakr’s brand campaign management platform. Without a Speakr rep guiding them, a brand’s marketing team couldn’t go into the Speakr platform and easily create an influencer campaign on their own.

We meticulously broke down the process of creating a successful campaign through interviews, drawing out several user flows, and making prototypes of these experiences.

The result was a platform that made it simple for a brand to create influencer groups, start campaigns with them, distribute clear social media instructions, pay out influencers automatically, and track metrics after a campaign ended.

Sample mock posts created for marketing purposes.
Incomplete user flow of the campaign management platform, for sample display only

Industry Appeal

Launching a functional experience for brands increased Speakr's overall client engagement with their platform and interested several other partnership leads.

To keep the momentum going and to engage more influencers, Speakr wanted to increase their visual appeal, which meant a brand refresh. In collaboration with another agency, we went through several iterations of the company brand. It wasn't an easy internal process, as some branding overhauls are. The team just wasn't convinced the new directions presented would translate into their tech-y voice and product. It wasn't until we gave it a shot on their marketing material did the team come around and finally see the visual effect on their content.

One of the first projects we implemented the brand on was Speakr's new sales deck and team headshots. It was a lot of fun taking the direction that had gotten started and experimenting with it to flesh out details like the glitch element, text and photo treatment, and infographic designs.

Speakr was thrilled and we were relieved as a result. There was already (marketing and sales team) pressure to implement the new brand across multiple platforms and mediums. Traction was picking up quickly, which meant turnaround time was miniscule. What helped us flip the entire brand almost overnight was the strength of the brand guidelines.

Strong typography, a limited color palette, and a glitch treatment template allowed mass exploration of the brand itself, as well as helped speed up pushing out production. It was an intense, yet satisfying and fun process.

More Work


More Work