Visiting my roots. Well, the town over...[Medellin, Colombia]

Who is Carolina?

I fit into many categories, I realize, after meeting many people and swiping through Instagram a lot. I am an avid traveler, love adventure and new experiences, hold fitness as an eternal goal, and love design and art. Oh, and I even do yoga. You can imagine my type.

The difference is my keen perception of any problem I work on, the love of identifying the bigger picture and breaking it down into the details. My best asset is my brain. It's constantly on and ready to ideate, brainstorm, and collaborate. My best qualities, as I've been told, are being a team player, always having a positive attitude, and thinking outside of the box. My designs are alright too.

Contact me for any freelance work, design consultation, or if you just want to grab a coffee.

Carolina has an intuitive understanding of user experience. She takes the time to fully understand product vision and growth before diving into UI/UX...Beyond design, Carolina is also a dedicated team member with strong communication skills and a positive attitude. She's got a great sense of humor and works well with anyone. She adapted to leadership roles and handled additional responsibility with absolute professionalism.

Joseph White,
Product & Digital Strategist | Lumenary

Carolina is one of the top designers I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She is incredibly perceptive and able to pinpoint the aesthetic you’re looking for perfectly every time. Beyond just design, she has the ability to understand the underlying business intent driving the project in order to create a final product that resonates at both a visual and strategic level. There is no one I would recommend working with more.

Nelson Chu,
CEO | Cadence