Rethinking the UX/UI for optimized lead generation on one of the top behavioral marketing companies.

BounceX is a competitive player in the marketing- tech sector, uniquely specializing in people-based analytics.

While BounceX had driven successful metrics for their clients, their own site was lacking structure and visitors were falling off before reaching out to the team for a demo . Additionally, their look and feel didn't reflect their modern and fun culture that was clear after meeting the team and walking around their offices. We were excited to take on the challenge of resolving both problems.

Things I worked on: sitemap and user flow structuring, wireframes, user interface, art direction

Illustration by Michael Brandon Myers
Art direction by Tom O'Quinn

The UX

BounceX's original site lacked a flow that would naturally get users to reach out to them with interest. The initial content a viewer would see on the homepage their features and benefits, but didn't elaborate on any specific tools they were trying to market nor lead to more information on anything specific. The only other main paths on the site were to visit their resource center, see careers, and sign up to get a demo.

We took a step back and approached the site logically at first. BounceX's technology was worth explaining to viewers because its incredible solutions sold the product, making it all the more probable that a viewer would then definitely be enticed to reach out for a demo. One major change we offered was creating a Products page that would explain more benefits of each product being browsed on the homepage.

BounceX's original site

The Flow

Our in-depth sitemap laid out the blueprints for what type of content would be on each page and how the whole site would connect link-by-link. The new sitemap provided many paths for the user to learn more, and always an immediate opportunity to reach out when they were ready.

Incomplete set of wireframes. For sample display only.

The UI

BounceX's team already had a style in mind when we spoke about the visual upgrade of the site. Like many of our clients at the time, they were sold on the colorful, illustrative look of sites like Stripe and Mixpanel.

Our take on this request was, as usual, to pull apart the basic elements that made these sites so popular, and create a unique direction for our client. We identified the use of gradient backgrounds with texture that added vibrancy and depth to the overall look. The illustrations were isometric, colorful, and semi-detailed. We took this direction, along with the blues and oranges BounceX already identified with, to push the brand into a new, modern, and bright direction.

See Full Site

We kept BounceX's original typeface, Tungsten, as it was edgy like them, while using soft but vibrant gradients to give them their tech look and feel. The incredible illustrations were art directed by myself and Tom O'Quinn, and executed by Michael Brandon Meyers. The teamwork alone made the project a wonderful experience. You can check out the animation of some of these elements above on the full site.

While BounceX was thrilled with our designs, especially after several detailed and organized rounds of revisions, they continued to develop their brand in-house, so you'll notice some variations on their current live site.

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